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Through the Black: Spiritual Warfare and Stuff
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From the exposure of modern day “Christian Occultism” and demonic attacks, to overcoming past abuse and breaking secret oaths: THIS IS A WAR introduces you to a cast of individuals who come from all walks of life. Join former criminals and drug addicts as they reveal their scars and share their stories. Journey from the trenches of the “war for life” in our nation’s capitol to the studio solace of a hip hop artist in the California desert with many stops along the way.

Derek Gilbert, Johanna Michaelsen, J. Brett Prince, Jeremiah Dirt, and others give their personal accounts of engaging in spiritual warfare.
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"This was an awesome film and people need to see this. They need to see the truth and this is definitely a piece of the whole. Congrats on making this film guys, so glad I watched it."

"A good follow up to "Detetable"."

"Great work guys ..."

"We finally sat down to watch This is a War tonight and all I can say is great job! You're clearly finding your cinematic voice and developing a film style unique to Through the Black.
Thank you both, for introducing a whole new group to Johanna Michaelsen. That woman has a wealth of information that needs to be preserved in this day and time."
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