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Through the Black: Spiritual Warfare and Stuff
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The film that started it all.
Brought to you by director Tom Dunn, and producer Jared Chrestman, this film will expose to you a reality the church often tries to ignore: ritual abuse.  This film will bring you face to face with those that have not only experienced horrors beyon imagination but also survived.  Follow Tom and Jared down back roads, into secret locations as they expose the secrets.
For years individuals have been coming forward with stories that are so horrifying that most people find them hard to believe. These accounts detail traumatic memories of Satanic Rituals that involve Human Sacrifice, Sexual Abuse, and Mind Control Techniques.

Even though the reports have been dismissed as nothing more than “panic and myth”, the victims refuse to go away. As witnesses contiue to emerge, the reality of an underground power of lawlessness becomes difficult to conceal.

Detestable takes you on a journey from Ritual Abuse to Redemtion, from the Book of Ezekiel to the present day, exposing a dark secret that will no longer be ignored.

With courage and boldness the survivors relive their nightmares and give hope to all who are suffering.
"So grateful that you have made this movie. I was a little trepidatious to watch in that being SRA myself sometimes videos can be too much. But instead it was just the right amount of information mixed with compelling testimonies that were convicting without the use of sensationalism so often found on the internet.  And the best part is that you gave us hope. That through our redeemer Jesus/Yashua we can find not only redemption but healing and peace. For He is truly the only way out of what the enemy uses to kill steal and destroy.  
Beautifully done I must say!
Blessings to you as you stand up for the helpless and innocent!"

"It was hard but worth it. I have posted the link to this on my Facebook. I hope people watch it understand it. To know what is going on."

"Was hesitant about watching this. I actually prayed before I did, but now I am so glad I watched it! It woke me up and I know it will many others. We need to pray against this and our churches need to be more active in helping these people to escape this and heal. Thank you for making this movie. I shared about it, I hope it will spread like wildfire and wake more people up to all this."

"Wow guys, that was a really powerful video. My heart aches for these abused kids. Thank the LORD that they have found Jesus.
God bless you and yours."

"This is powerful. I had to stop in the middle and pray for all the oppressed and hurting people aftected by this. Please do the same........"

"Excellent film!"

"Wow! I will be showing this film to my family who do not want to believe this exist! Lets keep all those who suffered through these horrific events constant in our prayers! Yahushua will keep them under His mercy. Que triste!"

"Thanks guys, powerful film. I rented it and thought I'd better call my mother before I started watching it, when I told her my plans for the evening she said I shouldn't spend so much time watching this sort of thing! I told her right back, that not watching was what got us into this mess in the first place. You're in my thoughts and prayers, God bless."

"Thank you for a well done eye opening film! As a survivor myself...i can painfully relate :( But...the body of Christ needs to get their head out the sand, stop being uncomfortable... NOT be afraid,and look this evil in the face CLAIMING the power and redemptive restoration of our LORD and savior Yeshua Messiah (Jesus)!!! He brought me from the darkness of this evil to the light of HIS love...He wants to do the same for others :) I am now an advocate ...daring to stand in the gap for others through prayer and fasting. I am NOT a victim but a victor because i am a child of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is my Savior, my Redeemer, my Rock, my All...He is the great I AM!!!"

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