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Through the Black: Spiritual Warfare and Stuff
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SUNDAY- Alison, Chastidy, Tracy, Denice, Eric, Jasmine
MONDAY- Crystal & Jerry, Lyndell, Alyssa, Teri
TUESDAY- Angie, Chastidy, Joanna, Mary, Sandra, LynO
WEDNESDAY- Marla, Nicole, Shawn, Michelle, Rebecca, Katie
THURSDAY- Jonathan, Marla, Margaret, T, Emily, Samantha, Erin
FRIDAY- Angie, Brandon, Mia, Lorelei, Danni, Flora, Alexandra, Yvonne
SATURDAY- Marla, Marcelo, Elizabeth, Michelle, Jacqueline, Rebecca, Margaret, Michelle H., James

‚ÄčPennelope W, Jared Z, Monic (ML), Steve, Karen
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RIP Tusko.
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RIP Tusko.
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