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The frontline of resistance against the satanic takeover of our culture.
Write for Wilfred-
There is still time to save the child.  

Thanks to the chaos that is the postal service at this time, we just received a letter from Wilfred that he had sent in December.  We hae updated the template on the right, word for word, to what he provided to us. Please use it to contact officials in Wales and the UK.  Email addresses are provided on the final page.  Before sending, please note your address at the bottom so that those receiving know you're a real person and not a bot.

For those seeing this that are across the pond- the request has additionally been made to write to your local MP.  
You can't make this stuff up
Tom and Jared are finally back together for another chill session.

From Shawn: What is Prayer Walking
From Jason: A Week with Bernie

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